Occupational rehabilitation

The purpose is to help the permanent residents of Lithuania with disabilities to develop or restore their capacity to work, improve their professional competence and integration into the labour market, and help them earn a living and lead a full life.
Our hospital was one of the pioneers in occupational rehabilitation of people with disabilities in Lithuania. We have been assisting our patients to acquire new skills since 1993. The first vocational courses were sewing, making Lithuanian wicker furniture and computer literacy. The facilities were specially equipped for vocational training.
In 2004-2005, in implementing a project supported by the European Union, the Social and Occupational Rehabilitation Department was established and training materials for each training module were prepared and adapted to working-age people with disabilities. Professional teachers were also trained.
The Law on the Social Integration of the Disabled, which came into effect in the summer of 2005, introduced legal regulation of occupational rehabilitation and improvement of the system was started.
In October 2009, Palanga Rehabilitation Hospital started the development of infrastructure for occupational rehabilitation of the disabled: expansion of vocational training base, reconstruction of the existing premises, and purchase of furniture, equipment and computer technology.
Palanga Rehabilitation Hospital seeks to fully assist the patient, prepare them for new challenges and encourage to take on new activities.  
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